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Team KJ is Kristina and Jason Schmid. Our team was wed on a beach in Florida in 2009 and it has been an adventure ever since.

In 2019, with our children grown and the wilds calling, we moved from Detroit, Michigan to Boise, Idaho. We sought the majesty of the mountains, solitude of the forests, and tranquility of the rivers to feed our deep desire for adventure. Once here, our first and most important purchase was our Bogus Basis season ski passes! No couch or mattress in the apartment, but we could ski (in three months)!

We have been frequent travelers for over 15 years. Always looking to educate ourselves while enjoying the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountains.


Our frequent travel, education, and passion for recreating responsibly sparked the idea to share our knowledge by educating and encouraging others to recreate with conservation in mind. We enjoy the outdoors and encourage others to do so, if nothing else, give it a try. All of our experience and responsibility is based on the 7 Leave No Trace principles.

Meet the Team

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