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Backcountry Gourmet

Merge the thrill of overlanding with a menu as exciting as the views!

We have adapted recipes to meet the needs of portable, quick cooking with easy clean up.

Printable shopping list and recipes.

Blueberry Bacon Pancakes



Just add water pancake mix

Optional Ingredients/Add-Ins

Dried blueberries, bacon bits, chocolate chips


Follow package instructions for how many pancakes you want.

Put Pancake Mix, Sugar (to taste), and desired add-ins into a gallon sealable bag.


At Meal Time

Add water to pre-made bag. Mix. Cut corner of packet and pour to desired pancake size on griddle.

Keep Rolling Chicken Salad Wrap


Chicken in a Packet or Can, Tortillas

Optional Add-Ins & Garnishes

Apple, Dried Cranberries, Almonds, Onion, Walnuts, Pickled Onion 


Mix desired ingredients in a zip lock bag, pour onto tortilla and enjoy!

To Go Wraps

Thai Curry Dinner

Rice and Vegetable Curry


Mike’s Curry Love Sauce Packet, Heat & Serve Rice Packet


Optional Add-Ins & Garnishes

Dried or Fresh Veggies, Chicken in a Packet, Steak Strips, Almonds, Onion



Heat 1/2 cup water with sauce packet until warm. Add veggies and meat. Heat until vegetables are desired doneness. Add rice and heat until warm.

Forbidden Rice w/Salmon Ramen


Wild Pink Salmon Packet, Forbidden Rice Ramen

Optional garnishes

Dried Wasabi Edamame, Fresh or Dried Mushrooms, Dried or Fresh Veggies, Seaweed, Hard Boiled Egg


Bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Add noodles, flavor packet, salmon and garnishes that need to be warm. Simmer for 4 minutes. Add desired garnishes.

Noodles Soup

Mushroom Risotto

Image by Lucas Lobak Neves


Mushroom Risotto Packet

Optional Add-Ins & Garnishes 

Fresh or Dried Mushrooms, Freshly Grated Hard Cheese, Dried or Fresh Veggies, Chives



Soak mushrooms for about an hour to rehydrate. Prepare risotto per package instructions. Add mushroom. Garnish with grated cheese and chives.

Pineapple Upside Down Bowl


Pineapple, Cherries, Graham Crackers



Cut pineapple into bite size pieces. Place pineapple and cherries in a pot, cover with water and sprinkle with sweetener to taste. Simmer until fruit is soft and water thickens a bit. Serve warm.


Optional Garnishments

Crumbled graham crackers, Granola, Cake Cups, Waffle bowl, pomegranate

Image by Gabriel Yuji

Apple Cobbler

Pouring Honey


Apples, Brown Sugar/Honey


Optional Garnishes 

Granola, Pumpkin Seeds, Crumbled Graham Crackers, Nuts



Dice apples. Place in pot, cover with water and sprinkle with sweetener to taste. Simmer until apples are soft. Serve warm. Sprinkle with desired toppings.

Add pears, blueberries, or any other desired fruit!

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