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Women in the Wild Winter

Learn about responsible winter recreation in a Winter Wonderland. Kristina is starting to plan two women's weekends in January.

There is going to be a "luxury" option, hosted in a cabin home. All guests will have a bed (may be a bunk, futon, or sofa) to sleep in. Half of the meals will be hiking/camping dining. The other half will be a home cooked meal.

The other option is a "rustic" option, in a yurt. All bedding needs to be brough yourself. I do have gear to rent (small additional fee) if you do not have it available. All food will be backpacking appropriate and may need to take our own water.

Both trips will involve learning about recreating in a winter environment with the opportunity to test out our skis by taking a snowshoe walk/hike.

Details are still being determined.


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